Anthony Ashe was born and raised in Dayton, Ohio; and is a graduate of the Motion Picture Program at Wright State University. His interest in Motion Pictures and Music Videos began at an early age. “I grew up watching recording music videos with a tape recorder because the radio stations didn’t play the songs they played on MTV in its early stages. I’m a self-taught musician and I started writing songs and Hip Hop lyrics in grade school. MTV and premium movie channels like HBO and Cinemax offered opportunities to watch movies multiple times and subconsciously pick up on the art of making motion pictures.”
After a decade of playing in local metal bands, and performing as an MC and producer in the underground scene in Dayton, Anthony decided to study Communication at Sinclair Community College and it was there that his English Composition instructor told him about the Motion Picture Program at Wright State University, and suggested that he get into the program.
Now after working on various projects at the university level, Anthony is focusing on writing and directing short and feature length science fiction/drama/action films, music videos, and music production. Kelila Productions is an independent production service that wants to be on the next level of creating fresh urban stories that can have an appeal to a wide audience. Kelila means “crowned,” and is the name of Anthony’s first daughter who passed during labor. “I just want to make top-flight material that’s worthy of the crown. Growing up in the urban community, I never imagined that there was place where I could study this art and it has added another notch to my struggle as an artist. This is my love. This is my passion.”

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